Investiture In Upskilling

EII has created its own technique of undergoing Training Needs Assessments which gives an accurate picture of weak areas which need immediate attention to increase productivity as well as motivation and growth.
We adopt a journalistic, unbiased independent approach and employ vital skills such as critical thinking, active listening and adaptability to bridge the gap between the current environment and your business
We use different practices to identify grey areas and gaps which can be reduced by up skilling your employees. We don’t assume we have all the answers; instead, we work with you to understand how internal and external factors affect your business. This results in bespoke solutions that not only ask the right questions but, crucially, offer the right answers.
Our Training Needs Analyses is where L&D assesses current performance and business objectives to determine which courses they need to prioritize & helps identify and address specific skill gaps
For example, a product manager who’s transitioned into a sales role would benefit from training in prospecting and active listening to be successful in her new position. L&D can address this specific need with a tailored course to help develop these skills.